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Surfing through COVID-19

Let’s admit it: The COVID-19 pandemic has been like a giant rogue wave for many of us, toppling life as we knew it along with major plans and events. Whether it’s your social life, graduation, that new job you were supposed to start, or plans to go to university or college… many things have had to be put on hold or dramatically changed, forcing us to change course or find ways to ride out the wave. The links below offer some coping strategies to help you maintain your sense of direction and keep your head above water:

Celebrating milestones

As we ride through the COVID-19 wave, a popular topic for many of us revolves around closure, or a lack thereof, for milestones like graduations and proms, changes in employment, and even sudden changes to routine events, gatherings and hobbies that we all love.  Here are some creative ways to celebrate and find closure during the pandemic: